Sky Nursery Fruit Tree Pruning Seminar

Today’s 90 minute long class on fruit tree pruning at Sky Nursery in Shoreline was clearly more popular than the good people at the nursery predicted.  I counted chairs for 60, and well over 100 piled into the room.  Dan Vorhis took the class thru the basics of open center and central leader pruning techniques and talked about rootstocks, spraying regimens, disease resistant varieties and grafting. There was way more info than could possibly be covered in 90 minutes, which is probably why Dan ran an hour over time before getting to an actual pruning demo.  Well, that and the 100 people all asking about their specific problem (I was one of them).  The class was well worth every minute my butt was in that folding plastic chair, and I learned more about pruning fruit trees from Dan’s explanations and demo than I’ve ever managed to take away from a book (even a good one!).

We were given some great handouts, many of which are online.  Check these out:

WSU’s Fruit Handbook For Western Washington.  This is 35 or so pages of great info for the beginning home orchardist.  Guarantee I’ll be reading and re-reading it tons in the next several years.

Disease and Pest Management Info from Cloud Mountain Farm. Also check out their complete listing of amazing educational & growing information.

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