Sneak Peak and A Solicitation For Reader Requests

Dearest Readers,

I’ve been at this blogging thing for a few months now and to my unending shock, I have yet to run out of things to talk about. Just when I’m staring blankly at my computer screen, hoping for “inspiration” on Facebook or Youtube, someone makes a thoughtful comment on one of my posts, or sends me an email asking a question, and a dozen possible topics pop into my head.

You, gentle readers, are my muse. So I thought I’d give you a sneak-peak into some topics under consideration for future blog posts, and ask for your direct feedback.

Here’s a sample of possible upcoming posts, many of which were inspired by reader questions or comments (thank you!):

  • A Pictorial or Video Garden Tour
  • How To Use An Unheated Greenhouse Year-Round
  • Good From The Garden: Leeks Three Ways
  • Conventional Garden Wisdom (And When To Ignore It)
  • Garbage Made Useful: Plastic Plant Labels From Just About Anything
  • Garbage Made Useful: Deli Container Cloches
  • Chicken Antics
  • Review Of The DVD Preserving With Friends
  • Good From The Garden: Using Up The Nasty Bits
  • Heat Lovers in A Cool Clime, Part II: Tips For Ripening Tomatoes
  • DIY Cleaners
  • The Self-Watering Tomato Container Saga
  • Vinaigrette: The Skin Care and Salad Dressing Solution
  • What Is The Deal With Seed Leaves
  • Beer In Three Easy Steps
  • Purchasing Politics And How We Vote With Our Dollar 
  • Seed Company Review
  • Yet Another Ode To No-Knead Bread (Just What The Internet Kneads – Hah!)
  • 11,006 Pets (Fun With Worms and Vermicomposting)
Now let me ask you outright: what do you want to read about? What garden, food, homesteading or householder questions do you have? What projects do you want to read follow-up stories about? What projects do I simply have to undertake? 
Do you want to see more chickens? Less chickens? Do you like the occasional personal posts that sneak in, or would you prefer I keep it focused on growing stuff (at the end of the day I will probably just keep writing about whatever tickles my fancy, but chime in – hey, I asked for it!)? Do you miss the weekend inspiration posts? Basically, what topics would you be so fascinated by, you’d read them on your iPhone while biking to work? (Don’t really do that, that’d be stupid.)
Keep up the good work, muse-people.


  1. says

    Another vote for the "whole life" blog approach. Including personal posts and family details helps me to feel there is a context to what you are writing about. I suspect a lot of blog readers enjoy the feeling of being a (peripheral) part of something. All of the topics sound good to me. I like it when you just write what popped into your head ( or so it seems).

  2. says

    Self-watering tomato system!!!! Unheated greenhouse all year long!! Bring it on, I am super-excited to read about these topics. Your tone is great, I love your entries. Keep it up. All my inspiration is in my garden, the chickens, bees and compost system. Isn't life funny when it gives you such wonderful and unexpected gifts. Looking forward to your next writes.

  3. says

    All of the ideas sound wonderful, but I always love just seeing pictures of other people's gardens, so give us the in-depth tour! :) Looking at hundreds (or maybe thousands?…) of pictures helped me learn what should go where and why.

  4. says

    I like the range of posts you've done. The personal elements put your garden efforts into context and that is so needed. It shows that gardening fits in amongst late nights with sick children and happens despite the consumer driven ways of the world right now. You share your family situation, your community, your environment and how it all works together. It's easy to think people who blog only about the garden are somehow exempt from other life issues and that's how they make it work. But we all have full lives in which we have to integrate the garden/urban farm or whatever. I for one am really looking forward to a garden tour. Planning my own garden has been a challenge and I don't have friends nearby who garden that I can go learn from. I need to see others' working gardens. Chickens, self-watering containers, it all sounds great! Just don't lose the personal and contextual feel of your blog! The more videos the better but I love your writing too!

  5. says

    I like the occasional personal posts, keep 'em. I'd probably skip a cleaner post unless you've got something beyond the baking soda/vinegar/lemon juice trifecta. I'd love to read more homebrewing posts, even beyond 3 easy steps, especially ways to get more value out of spent malt, ideas for incorporating homegrown ingredients into beer, or garden dish/homebrew pairings.
    I love your accessible and useful info, so please keep it up. I don't even have a garden (6 tomato pots in summer, 1 sorry hops vine, 2 houseplants hanging out of reach of the cat) but it's aspirational, and I appreciate the personal voice and sense of humor that you bring beyond the basic how-tos. Thanks for the great posts.

  6. Anonymous says

    garden updates – I love looking at other people's gardens too.
    recipes for unusual veggies
    You say that you love chard. How do you prepare it?
    the financial breakdowns – Are those $64 tomatoes?
    canning or other preserving
    Thanks for a great daily read.

  7. says

    I agree with the previous posters and have to say that your personal posts are some of my favourites. I'm also a mom to a toddler and one on the way and I appreciate your honest approach to how you make life balance. I find them inspiring, honestly refreshing and therefore comforting to know I'm not alone.

  8. says

    I really like the more personal blog posts mixed in with the practical, homesteading & 'world issues' type ones, of course! I can't go past a blog post about chickens or vege's though!!

  9. missy says

    i just discovered your blog a couple of months ago, but it's quickly become one of my 'must read' favorites. part of it is the PNW context – i'm in oregon, foothills of the coast range, you've mentioned nurseries i also know well, we're getting much the same so-called 'spring' that you are (and then today it was nearly 80. WHAT.) so, i find myself nodding in understanding and empathy with the regional aspect of your posts, oh, quiiite a bit.

    beyond that, though, i think a big part of the appeal is that you touch on a range of subjects that are major for me also – all the different interlinking pieces that are the difference between just 'having a garden' and trying to evolve a truly sustaining and sustainable homestead. food security, improvising solutions, ethical questions, always-a-project, financial challenges, preparedness, you know, the whole thing, with growing food and family at the heart of everything. it's a great balance, and i suppose a workable productive balance is a core part of what we're all trying to create. the 'conventional wisdom and when to ignore it' sounds interesting, and definite YES to any sort of garden tour! seeing how it all fits together is always great. also, i love the monthly 'to do in' posts. AND you don't gloss over the struggles and dilemmas, but your resolve and creativity show through as well. it all feels real and relatable. …so, uh, basically i think what i'm trying to say here is, just keep doing what you're doing? 'cause that seems to make for pretty great reading so far!

  10. says

    I love your list of blog topics. I just found your blog a couple weeks ago and immediately read your blog from the beginning. I look forward to reading your posts everyday. You've got a great tone and sense of humor. Your posts have made me laugh out loud. I enjoy reading about all the projects you and your husband are working on because my husband and I are the same way. Garden tour? Yes please! It's so inspiring so other peoples gardens. Keep up the great work! I can really relate to what your writing about because we live in Everett and have a little urban homestead of our own :)

  11. says

    i would love a tour! also, garden wisdom and when to ignore it sounds exciting.
    but in the end, whatever strikes your fancy as you sit down to write is best.

  12. says

    Would love to see a slide show/video of your garden. I love garden porn! Your blog is just great — the recipes are helpful. You brought pork chops back into our lives with that cast iron skillet techinique. Keep growing!

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