How To Make Beef Jerky At Home (With Four Recipes)

How To Make Beef Jerky

Jerky is a favorite snack around here. The kids will eat it as willingly as sweet stuff like muffins or cookies, and it’s easy and lightweight enough to carry around in a jacket pocket or mom purse. The only issue we have with jerky is the price – have you costed out grass-fed beef jerky [Continue Reading…]

How To Trim A Whole Beef Tenderloin For The Holidays

Trim A Whole Beef Tenderloin

Thinking of splashing out some cash on Christmas dinner? Beef tenderloin (the cut that gives you filet mignon steaks) is a classic “wow, nice meal” choice for the omnivores. There’s no getting around it: this is a spendy cut of meat – the grass-finished tenderloins I’m hacking up here cost me $15.95 a pound. But [Continue Reading…]

Stop Fetishizing Small Producers (And Start Fetishizing Good Ones)

Beef Slaughter (14)

The following post contains extremely graphic images of animal slaughter. Even people already familiar with animal butchery may find the images and descriptions contained herein to be very disturbing. I know I do. This is probably the most difficult post I’ve ever written. Most people will probably not find it easy to read.┬áPlease consider your [Continue Reading…]

Failing Vegetarianism


I used to be a vegetarian. The best thing about being a vegetarian is how much you learn about industrialized meat production and animal welfare issues. The best thing about being a former vegetarian is bacon. I originally chose vegetarianism primarily for the purported health benefits. Unlike some vegetarians, I never had an intrinsic problem with the killing of animals [Continue Reading…]