Digging For God


Let’s take a second and address that last giant venting post about douche-waffles before getting back to our regularly scheduled programming, shall we? First, thank you. I know I said I wasn’t looking for atta-boys, and I wasn’t. But when you shish kabob your heart onto a stick and hoist it up into the ugly [Continue Reading…]

Thoughts On Douche-Waffles Who Poop In Your Pool

And the horse you rode in on

When the USS Enterprise is in a big ol’ space battle, there comes a point where Captain Kirk, or Captain Picard or whoever is sitting in the big chair, has to “direct all power to the shields.” Everything else gets sent into reserve-power-mode: lights dim, warp speed is out of the question and the photon [Continue Reading…]

Kim Kardashian’s Tomatoes: 5 Thoughts on Blogging

Kim Kardashian loves tomatoes.

Here’s something you might not know about blogging. If I write headlines like these: What Kim Kardashian Can Teach You About Tomatoes 20 Ways to Grow 1,000 Pounds of Vegetables In 10 Minutes A Day Why Overpaying For Seeds Is Costing You More Than Just Money  …there is a huge chance you will click on the [Continue Reading…]