{Giveaway} Five Piece Lodge Cast Iron Cookware Set

Lodge Cast Iron Giveaway

You know what’s blacker than Black Friday? Beautiful, glistening, well seasoned cast iron cookware. Oh, yeah, baby. Screw waiting in line for some discount plastic crap or overpumped electronica that’ll be in a landfill in 6 months anyway. If you must shop, shop for something hewn from the living, molten rock of Earth. Something hefty [Continue Reading…]

Is It Cookware, Or Is It A Blunt Object? Re-Seasoning Cast Iron


I’m partial to cast iron cookware. I also use stainless-clad aluminum pots and pans for soups and blanching vegetables and making oatmeal, but my daily-use pans are a set of five Lodge Cast Iron Skillets.  I say ‘set’ like I went down one day to my local Williams-Sonoma and got a deal for buying the [Continue Reading…]