I’m Writing A Book And You Can Help


I soft-launched an announcement about this about a month ago, but shit’s gotten real on the Write A Book front, so I wanted to keep you guys in the loop. First, the Big Announcement, if you missed it when I snuck it in the first time around: yup, I’m writing a book. It is a [Continue Reading…]

Eat From The Larder Challenge: Week Four Wrap Up


They say it takes 21 days to form a habit. As it turns out, “they” are totally full of crap, but for the purpose of this post that doesn’t matter. We are at the tail end of this Eat From The Larder Challenge, and I feels like I’ve found my groove. It feels like the [Continue Reading…]

{Giveaway} Backyard Roots: Lessons on Living Simply From 35 Urban Farmers

backyard roots_bookcover

A few years ago I met photographer and author Lori Eanes when she came to take pictures of my garden for a book she was doing. The book is called Backyard Roots: Lessons on Living Simply From 35 Urban Farmers, and it’s a highly visual exploration of urban farms up and down the west coast [Continue Reading…]

Digging For God


Let’s take a second and address that last giant venting post about douche-waffles before getting back to our regularly scheduled programming, shall we? First, thank you. I know I said I wasn’t looking for atta-boys, and I wasn’t. But when you shish kabob your heart onto a stick and hoist it up into the ugly [Continue Reading…]

Thoughts On Douche-Waffles Who Poop In Your Pool

And the horse you rode in on

When the USS Enterprise is in a big ol’ space battle, there comes a point where Captain Kirk, or Captain Picard or whoever is sitting in the big chair, has to “direct all power to the shields.” Everything else gets sent into reserve-power-mode: lights dim, warp speed is out of the question and the photon [Continue Reading…]

A Community Thing

Clasp Hands

Hi there. I’m Erica. Been a while, hasn’t it? Sorry about that. I have been elbows deep in my real life, for good and for bad. This blog is real enough. It’s as true as it needs to be. The stuff I write about doing, I actually do. The rants about food politics, I actually [Continue Reading…]

Whine, Wine and Weed

Weeding Tool

Whine I would like to humbly suggest that an urban homesteading lifestyle requires a certain degree of letting shit slide. You have two choices: make peace with weeds, kitchen dishes, chicken shit and dirty fingernails or go crazy fighting the inevitable. I would like to humbly suggest that blogging also requires a certain degree of [Continue Reading…]

Reader-Blogger Meetup in Seattle with NW Edible and MMM!


Regular readers know that my absolute favorite financial and frugality blogger is Mr. Money Mustache, he of the “early retirement through badassity” slogan. In fact, a few NW Edible readers have even told me that, once they started reading MMM, their outlook on finances, hope, freedom and even their future totally changed for the better. So when [Continue Reading…]

No Spend Month: Final Numbers and Reader Feedback

Caveman Coffee Grinding

It’s time to come clean. It’s the big finale, the big reveal – did we make our No Spend budget or blow it? Did you make your budget? I’m happy to say that we did stay within $250, and we saved up a ton of money this month. In addition to the casual dollars we [Continue Reading…]

Seven Great Things You Missed On Facebook: Peanut Sauce, Peaches and More

Peach Ice Cream

It’s been a busy week over on the Northwest Edible Facebook Page. We blew through the 5,000s in no time and are currently sitting at over 6,000 smart, bad-ass and very attractive community members. Thank you guys! Homebrew Husband captured the exact moment of the 6,000th like on his phone. Not that we are total [Continue Reading…]

Three Book Giveaway: Build The Life You Really Want

Lisa Kivirist (1)

An advertising agency in Chicago used to pay Lisa Kivirist one big paycheck. Now, hundreds of people pay her lots of very small ones. All these little paychecks – over a thousand last year – allow Lisa, her husband John and their son to live the life they want: rural, sustainable and meaningful. People write [Continue Reading…]

Are You One Of Those "Organic" People?


Some couple friends of ours came over last week and the wife of the couple mentioned that a friend-of-a-friend was, “one of those organic people.” At this point I had to say, “Well, I roll pretty crunchy-granola, too, ya know.” “Yes,” my friend responded, “but you’re not – you know – one of those ‘organic’ [Continue Reading…]