Self-Sufficiency, Not All-By-Yourself-Sufficiency

I was attempting to turn and loosen one of my most heavy-soiled beds this weekend. I needed a good stout garden fork. Sadly, I had not yet replaced the fork I snapped in half while transplanting asparagus crowns a few months ago. Without a garden fork, I was hacking at my soil with a pick-mattock. Doing [Continue Reading...]

Yuppie-Hippie Artifice

There is this term I bandy about: YuppieHippie. As in, “I picked up my grass fed milk at the YuppieHippie market. It was on sale for $10 a gallon.” In my town there is a segment of the population that cares about the eco trendy trinity of local-organic-sustainable because they can. They drive their hybrid [Continue Reading...]

Weekend Inspiration: Growing A Giving Garden

I am planing on planting a row for the hungry this year and donating the proceeds to my local food bank. I am excited to do this, and believe it is a small but important thing I can contribute. If you are fortunate enough to have the space, will you consider joining me in some planned giving [Continue Reading...]