Grown In The City Meets Northwest Edible


I love any opportunity to throw my opinions around, so I’m beyond thrilled to be interviewed by John Reinhardt, Editor of Grown In The City as part of the Five Questions With… series. Check out my thoughts here on everything from how to get started with urban homesteading to the trademark controversy surrounding that term. Grown In The City is [Continue Reading…]

Urban Homesteader Day of Hot, Hot Video Action

Today is another Urban Homesteader Day of Action, but this time it’s not just words, people! We’re taking our radical message of homegrown zucchini and backyard poultry to YouTube. My contribution (and my first ever video, so be nice, okay?) is a discussion and cook-up of that maligned and under-appreciated vegetable, the brussels sprout. Come join [Continue Reading…]

Urban Homesteaders Day Of Action: After All That, I Could Really Use A Drink, How ‘Bout You?

It’s been quite a week for the urban homestead community. We needn’t rehash the details; it suffices to say that as a group, we urban homesteaders could really use a drink. So, in true urban homestead-y fashion, let’s make one, shall we? How about a nice glass of wine, something we can raise up in a [Continue Reading…]

An Open Letter To The Dervaes


By Nick Strauss (Northwest Edible’s Homebrew Husband)Originally posted at The Noodlebook Well it is a mighty fine mess you have created. Yes, Dervaes family,, you have really managed to do something profound to the community you helped create. You have chosen to trademark a whole host of terms, ostensibly seeking to protect them from [Continue Reading…]

I Am An Urban Homesteader, Nyah Nyah

All of us who have this dream of growing our sustenance in our backyards and on balconies and in parking strips know that we cannot have it all. We cannot have easy access to urban jobs and good quality theater and amazingly diverse ethnic food and have acres of orchards and billowing crops and a star [Continue Reading…]