How To Beat Stress Naturally (When You’re Ready To Scream!)


As my regular readers know, last week was kinda icky around here. My son was sick and super cranky (but without losing any of his trademark energy of course), there was a backlog of laundry, a sick kid crawling into bed every night meant sleep was a rare luxury, and nearly every surface of the [Continue Reading…]

The Killer Hamburger Bun (Or, How Not To Get Your Point Across)


People are passionate about the shit they are passionate about. That’s cool. There are many topics that inspire crazy levels of excitement and dedication in me that other people find totally pointless and boring (“Let’s talk about succession sowing kale some more, can we, can we please?!”) On the other hand, fourteen seconds of polite conversation [Continue Reading…]

The Terrible Tragedy of the Healthy Eater


I know you. We have a lot in common. You have been doing some reading and now you are pretty sure everything in the grocery store and your kitchen cupboards is going to kill you. Before Your Healthy Eating Internet Education: I eat pretty healthy. Check it out: whole grain crackers, veggie patties, prawns, broccoli. [Continue Reading…]

The Urban Homesteader Food Pyramid

urban homesteaders food pyramid

I’ve been thinking about self-sufficiency: what that means, and what is truly achievable in a small space, such as our 1/3-acre property. The key to eating more food from your own backyard, it strikes me, is to have a diet that focuses more on foods that can be grown in your backyard. Even though we [Continue Reading…]

Notes From A Synthetic Environment

Notes From A Synthetic Environment (4)

For the past five days I’ve been living in an unreal, unearthly limbo. I’m at a professional conference, in a 34 story hotel, in Chicago. I could easily have no idea what time it is. I certainly have no idea what the weather is like. My menus over the past few days read something like this: [Continue Reading…]

What’s Next? The Anti-Inflammation Challenge Wrap-Up

Anti-Inflammation Book Winner

A good friend emailed me last night. She pointed out the inflamed elephant in the room: if sleep is my anti-inflammation keystone, spending 3 hours a night after the kids are in bed writing daily blog posts until midnight might not be the healthiest use of my evening hours. Yeah. There’s that. So, dear readers, I’m [Continue Reading…]

Your Personal Health Keystone: Anti-Inflammation Challenge Week 4


You know what a keystone is, other than a bad beer and a bad pipeline? It’s the special wedge-shaped center stone in an archway. The integrity of the arch depends on the keystone transferring the stress of a load out and down through the rest of the arch and, ultimately, to the security of the [Continue Reading…]

Stumbling Over Chocolate Chips: Anti-Inflammation Challenge Week 3


Well as far as anti-inflammatory living goes, this week could have been better. It started last Saturday, with a catering event for some long-time clients. Now, I don’t wan’t this to come across as braggartly, but I make really good food. As a matter of professionalism, I do have to taste the really good food to ensure it [Continue Reading…]

Assessing Your Health: Anti-Inflammation Challenge Week 1

Anti-Inflammation Before Photo

On February 1st, we talked about journalling our health baseline and getting our anti-inflammatory plan together. Have you done it? If not, go do yours right now and then come back, or read on to see what my Assessment looks like if you need some inspiration. Need even more motivation to do this? Just in [Continue Reading…]

February Anti-Inflammatory Diet: Day 1, Making The Plan


A few days ago I asked my readers to weigh in on what February challenge I should sponsor on this blog. Overwhelmingly, people in comments and on the Facebook page voted for an anti-inflammatory diet challenge. Those of you who wanted a debt diet, don’t worry – you’re next. Multiple bloggers, including possibly me, are planning [Continue Reading…]