Roadtrip! Peppers, Sun, And Locavorism

Because summer refused to come to me this year, I went to summer. Yesterday I drove to Eastern Washington, a region as dissimilar from Western Washington from a gardening perspective as Iowa. I was visiting a friend and, for the first time, stomping around her garden. Lots of wind farms on the drive out. Eastern Washington [Continue Reading...]

Being Everyone

A friend came up to me at a party. “So I’ve finally started reading your blog and now I totally feel like shit!” she joked. What my friend was really saying is that when she reads about No Spend Month, and keeping the garden, and cooking from scratch, she feels like maybe she should be doing that stuff [Continue Reading...]

Right Tool, Right Job, Right Technique, Your Technique

One of my best friends is moving to the eastern side of Washington State, where much of the land is under agricultural production. She is joining her fiance, who happens to be a professional seed farmer, on their 5 acre rural plot of land. My friend, Kristen, is excited to have room to start a [Continue Reading...]

Q: Why Did The Chickens Cross The Road?

A: To freak out my neighbors. Homebrew Husband and I go on approximately one date a month, if we’re lucky. Lately they’ve been less frequent, and have included our little guy, which does take some of the romance out of the mix. Anyway, last Friday was Date Night! We dropped our daughter off for an evening [Continue Reading...]

Let’s Call It A Vacation: The Mother Earth News Fair Getaway

Homebrew Husband and I made a very last minute decision to attend the Mother Earth News Fair this past weekend. We weren’t going to brave the ride to the fair with our son, Young Mr. Screams-In-Car, but a combination of things came together late Friday that convinced us it would be worth attempting the hour-long drive. Chief among these was [Continue Reading...]

A Public Defense Of The Enthusiastic Beginner

It has come to my attention that some of the best voices on the internet – writers I admire and read and am dedicated to – would rather chew their own arms off than see another damned blog post about homemade yogurt. Okay, I get it. It’s yogurt. Homemade yogurt is so done. Jams and [Continue Reading...]

Eat Fish, Save Planet

You want to eat fish. It’s delicious, versatile, good for you, and not-at-all cute. Fish scores a 10 out of 10 on the “animals to eat” scale. But it’s not all shiny scales and clear eyes. It turns out there can be some downsides to fish consumption. Some fish shouldn’t be eaten due to contaminents, [Continue Reading...]

Chickens In The Playpen, Baby In The Coop

I am learning what every first-time chicken keeper knows: chickens grow fast. At three weeks old, our 6 birds had outgrown their rubbermaid brooder. They were getting a bit too excited about their flight feathers and were constantly crashing into things, like the mesh ceiling of their brooder. They clearly needed more free ranger space. Thankfully, [Continue Reading...]

Sneak Peak and A Solicitation For Reader Requests

Dearest Readers, I’ve been at this blogging thing for a few months now and to my unending shock, I have yet to run out of things to talk about. Just when I’m staring blankly at my computer screen, hoping for “inspiration” on Facebook or Youtube, someone makes a thoughtful comment on one of my posts, [Continue Reading...]

Self-Sufficiency, Not All-By-Yourself-Sufficiency

I was attempting to turn and loosen one of my most heavy-soiled beds this weekend. I needed a good stout garden fork. Sadly, I had not yet replaced the fork I snapped in half while transplanting asparagus crowns a few months ago. Without a garden fork, I was hacking at my soil with a pick-mattock. Doing [Continue Reading...]

Meet The Girls!

As you may have heard through the Facebook page, I adopted a pair of chickens on Wednesday. As little as a week ago, the plan had been to hold off on chickens until next spring to give us time to finalize our mini-orchard and the gobs of other things around the ol’ homestead. And then [Continue Reading...]

It’s Called Gleaning. No Relation To Glee.

I have a friend, the Shoreline Fruit Lady. Today is her birthday, so in her honor I thought I’d talk about one of her favorite things: gleaning. Fruit Lady is a neighborhood gleaner. She walks around her ‘hood with kids in tow and if she notices a big overgrown plum or apple tree in someone’s [Continue Reading...]