Birds Eye View: An Overview Of The Garden


I talk a lot about my garden, and if you are kind enough to read this blog, you know a lot about my garden. A reader asked me to put up a garden map or layout to make it more clear how all the parts of “my office” come together. It is still a great [Continue Reading…]

Homebrew Husband Plants Something!

A few weeks ago, our garden witnessed an unusual event: I planted something. Usually I confine myself to hard labor, philosophical musing, or self mockery and only get down and dirty with the plant life when following specific orders (“no, more to the right…now turn it a little…”). But fresh back from the Seattle Tilth [Continue Reading…]

A Tour Of The Trellises


When we hit up the Seattle Tilth Plant Sale a few weeks ago, we arrived early and had some time to kill before we could start plant shopping. This gave us some time to walk around the Good Shepherd P-Patch. I was struck by how many methods p-patchers were using to trellis their peas and [Continue Reading…]

Backyard Orchard Culture: Too Good To Be True?


I have struggled for a few years with a desire to have more fruit trees than my 1/3 acre lot can accomodate. A third-acre is actually pretty big by urban standards, but only one-quarter of our property is given over to edibles. The house, driveway, paths, shady areas and kid’s play area (aka lawn) take [Continue Reading…]

Be A Very Lazy Garden Planner


When I look out the window right now my garden has big bare patches that trick me into thinking I have far more room for fruit trees than I really do. When the rain is coming down and my infant is asleep, I like to stare out to the garden, imagining a wonderland of edible [Continue Reading…]

The Asparagus Needs To Move Just A Hair To The Left


It started with this idea that everything would be much more attractive and efficiently laid out if only there was a dedicated space for perennials. My asparagus was doing well, hanging out in a big sandy berm that used to form a sweeping naturalistic border across one side of the veggie patch. It flowed in, [Continue Reading…]

Raised Beds and False Economies


False economy is when you think you are saving money but you aren’t. One of the classic false economies is when you buy a lot of something (say, broccoli at Costco) for a very low per-unit price but then due to spoilage end up throwing away half of what you buy. The effective per-unit cost [Continue Reading…]

Edible Garden Design Class at Sky Nursury

Today I attended my second class of the weekend at Sky nursery (the first was a fruit tree grafting demo). The Sky seminar room and I are getting so close, we should really think about moving in together. Brad Halm and Colin McCrate of the Seattle Urban Farm Company (these are the people who designed [Continue Reading…]