Photo Tour Of The Winter Garden

Second Crop of Sprouts almost ready to harvest

This has been such a mild winter. My chard and lettuces are still going strong, along with some herbs I never would have thought to be harvestable in January, like cilantro and lemon verbena. It’s such a treat to be able to harvest this kind of food rainbow in the dead of winter.   Scenes [Continue Reading...]

An October Garden Tour

Beds are thinning out. Things that are picked are not being replanted. The loss of the beans and squash certainly changed the profile of the garden. But there is still so much good stuff out there. Here’s how my garden is looking right now: First planting of savoy cabbages look – sorry, this isn’t very [Continue Reading...]

Yield Planning

After, “When do I plant?” the hardest gardening question to wrap you head around is, “How much do I plant?” Everyone, from high-rise gardeners with a few pots to big time farmers with thousands of acres, has to annually decide how much of their land they will allocate to each crop they want to grow. [Continue Reading...]

Dawn In The Garden: Mid-August In Pictures

Mid-August and everything is growing well but my little squirrel heart tells me fall is in the air and just around the corner. I’ve got ripe tomatoes and lots of beans and cukes and zucchini. The fall stuff is mostly in and growing well and the late summer flowers are adding some pretty to the place.  [Continue Reading...]

Nosy Neighbor Urban Homestead And Garden Tour 2011

Wowza! I am so excited to share some incredible gardens and urban homesteads with Northwest Edible Life Readers. I’ve taken a sneak peak at a few of the gardens being shared today by amazing gardeners all over the US (and possibly beyond!) and I’ve been blown away by the creativity and solutions I’ve observed.  It [Continue Reading...]

It’s Harvest Time

Yes, summer has been elusive, but that means best quality cool weather crops like lettuce and broccoli. The warm weather stuff has been slow to ripen but I’ve got zucchini and greenhouse cucumbers and the very first cherry tomatoes. And – excitement of excitement – tiny little green beans. I can’t wait to eat fresh [Continue Reading...]

Garden Inventory: April 2011

April is a month for delayed gratification. Our minds and palates are eager for peas and carrots and spring onions and asparagus but the garden just isn’t there yet. At the same time, this month requires a huge amount of work, in the planting and tending and hardening off that will mean bounty in a few short [Continue Reading...]

Seed Starter’s Roll Call

Late March is the busiest time of year under my seed-starting lights. I’ve got assorted tomatoes and gypsy peppers up and growing right now. The tomatoes are nearing pot-up time but the peppers are slower to get up and go. I’ve also got brassicas which are pouring out and over their small 72-count cell-packs. It [Continue Reading...]

Garden Inventory: February 2011

Here’s how the garden is sitting as of Feb 1: Beets – we are down to just a few beets now. Brussels Sprouts – we had a nice big feed of brussels last month and stripped the five plants almost bare.  There are enough sprouts left for one or maybe two more meals.  I’ve been [Continue Reading...]

Garden Inventory: January 2011

So of that list of January harvest-ables, what am I actually harvesting? Beets – still a row of Bulls Blood standing.  The tops are all sad and little, but the roots have put on a bit of size.  Most are around golf ball size, with some a fair bit larger.  I got a little panicked [Continue Reading...]