When and How To Harvest Broccoli and Cauliflower

How and When To Harvest Broccoli and Cauliflower (22)

You’d think that the hard part would be getting the seeds to germinate and coaxing that little seedling to grow. But time and again I see gardeners stumble just at the finish line: harvesting. All season long plants have been tended and, just at the big, edible moment of payoff, the gardener hesitates: “Is it [Continue Reading…]

Yield Planning


After, “When do I plant?” the hardest gardening question to wrap you head around is, “How much do I plant?” Everyone, from high-rise gardeners with a few pots to big time farmers with thousands of acres, has to annually decide how much of their land they will allocate to each crop they want to grow. [Continue Reading…]

I Grew Some Vegetables, Now What?

Having a productive garden in August is kinda like a having a three-year-old who keeps asking, “Why, mommy? Why?!” You love them, but sometimes you wish they’d just stop and give you a minute of quiet peace. So it is. After months of work, the vegetative horn of plenty arrives in August. Crops are pumping out [Continue Reading…]