Greeny Guilt

A few days ago on the Facebook page I shared a link to an article called, How to Create a Zero-Waste Kitchen and asked the question, “how green is your kitchen?” I gave myself a B-, which, in this era of grade inflation, isn’t a particularly good grade. B- Really? Do I really work this hard – [Continue Reading…]

Being Everyone


A friend came up to me at a party. “So I’ve finally started reading your blog and now I totally feel like shit!” she joked. What my friend was really saying is that when she reads about No Spend Month, and keeping the garden, and cooking from scratch, she feels like maybe she should be doing that stuff [Continue Reading…]

A Public Defense Of The Enthusiastic Beginner

It has come to my attention that some of the best voices on the internet – writers I admire and read and am dedicated to – would rather chew their own arms off than see another damned blog post about homemade yogurt. Okay, I get it. It’s yogurt. Homemade yogurt is so done. Jams and [Continue Reading…]

Lessons From Plants And Children


As my regular readers are aware, I am usually wearing my kiddo on my back when I’m gardening or building stuff.  This is not because I’m angling for an attachment-parenting mother of the year award or because I can’t be parted from my little boy for even a minute. No, it is because my almost-seven-month-old son [Continue Reading…]

Greener Living Through Wrinkles

The best thing I ever did to cut down on our use of paper products was give myself permission to have wrinkly napkins. As a carry-over from my days of consumerist glee, I own dozens of cloth napkins. I think I bought a new set of 8 or 12 in an appropriate color whenever I [Continue Reading…]

Weekend Inspiration: Sunset Mag’s One Block Diet Blog

There’s some great stuff coming up this weekend. Today (Sat, Feb. 12) I highly recommend you stop into Sky Nursery from 9am – 4pm for their annual prune-a-thon. Lots of great info and demonstrations of pruning. Cass Turnbull and others will be speaking.  Check the Calendar for details and schedule. If you’re going to be near [Continue Reading…]