Big Batch Almond Zucchini Bread (Or, How To Use Up A Lot Zucchini After It Has Started To Irritate You)


Zucchini is like that friend who calls you just a bit too often. When the relationship first starts up, you’re so excited! New, cute little zuke, nice little chit chat…and for a while you’re thinking: wow, this is so great! This relationship is so rewarding. And then, after eight weeks of being stalked¬†incessantly¬†by an unending [Continue Reading…]

Toddler: 1 – Zucchini Chips: 0

I made zucchini chips for the first time. They were easy, they were a hit, they made zucchini into something fun. Something really fun. Maybe too fun. This is how it happened.  Zucchini Chips 1 medium zucchiniOlive Oil, for brushing dehydrator traysSalt, to taste Slice zucchini very thin. I used a Japanese slicer (like a mandoline, but better, [Continue Reading…]

Oh, What A Glorious Morning, Muffin!


There’s a local cafe that serves chocolate chip cookies that should be illegal and morning glory muffins that really do make my morning glorious. Since I have an ethical and financial problem paying $6.50 for a muffin and cup of coffee, and since it behooves my expanding ass to stay away from the chocolate chip [Continue Reading…]