Chickens In The Playpen, Baby In The Coop


I am learning what every first-time chicken keeper knows: chickens grow fast. At three weeks old, our 6 birds had outgrown their rubbermaid brooder. They were getting a bit too excited about their flight feathers and were constantly crashing into things, like the mesh ceiling of their brooder. They clearly needed more free ranger space. Thankfully, [Continue Reading…]

My, How You’ve Grown!


The chicks are two weeks old now. They are changing day by day. I’m a bit shocked by how fast they are growing. Relatedly, I am a bit shocked by how much they eat. Yesterday morning my daughter called out, “Mom! Come here!” in that voice that means something is really, actually wrong. One of [Continue Reading…]

Garden Follies and Cost Centers – Chicken Coop 2.0


Homebrew Husband and I try to make sensible economic decisions regarding the garden and the investment we make in it. We have a pretty good idea what our inputs and outputs are, and most years we take out more from the garden, financially speaking, than we put in. That said, sometimes we get carried away. Sometimes the [Continue Reading…]

Peep! Peep! Friday


6:45 AM: It’s here, it’s here! It’s Peep! Peep! Friday. We are expanding our flock of girls and are leaving right now to go pick up our chicks from the feed supply store. We have the chick area all set up with feeder, waterer and heat lamp and we are excited to welcome the little [Continue Reading…]

A Half-Dozen Of My Favorite Things About Chickens


Best things about adding chickens to our backyard, in no particular order: 1. Their eggs are just better. Homegrown egg on left, organic store-bought on right. Note the larger, darker, richer yolk and the firmer, tighter white on the homegrown egg. They fry up beautifully too. 2. Chickens make very willing weeders and soil cultivators. (I wish [Continue Reading…]



Dear readers: I recognize that for some of you, spring does not represent chickens and eggs. I kindly implore you to indulge me one more chickens post. Then, I promise, I will return to our regularly scheduled program of veggie gardening and wonderful food. Thank you. The coop is up. Three days of sawing, hammering [Continue Reading…]

All Cooped Up! (Almost)


This weekend has been a total whirlwind. We’ve been building a coop for our new chickens and planting fruit trees like crazy. I had hoped that I’d have a nice, wrapped-up project to write about for Monday morning, but the truth is, as I write this post at Sunday at 10 pm, none of our [Continue Reading…]

Meet The Girls!


As you may have heard through the Facebook page, I adopted a pair of chickens on Wednesday. As little as a week ago, the plan had been to hold off on chickens until next spring to give us time to finalize our mini-orchard and the gobs of other things around the ol’ homestead. And then [Continue Reading…]

Weekend Inspiration: Chickens!


This weekend is the last few days of the Northwest Flower and Garden Show. Who’s going, who went, how was it? I didn’t make it this year. Just too many things around the homestead that needed me. There are two events coming up that I’m particularly excited about. The first is another class by Dan [Continue Reading…]