The Ethics of Dinner, Joel Salatin and Genesis 2:23


As a writer, sometimes I pull my words like teeth, one-by-one, each painful and like enough to leave a scar. Other times, I build up an article or a post mechanically, like furniture. There is craft, yes, but also an established structure on which to hang my words. Like a table has four legs and [Continue Reading…]

On Depression

April Blossoms

I take medication for depression. I’m fine. Don’t worry. But for awhile, some time after my son was born, I wasn’t okay. I dealt with being not okay pretty well, and kept up the facade of okay until one day when the facade cracked and I threw a bowl of blueberries across the kitchen and [Continue Reading…]

{Reader Question} Help! Garden Anxiety!


Sophie wrote to me a few days after I posted this photo on my Facebook page. She wanted to know if my garden had always looked this healthy. Hello! Quick question! Do you feel like your garden always looked this nice and healthy? Or did it take you time? Time to improve the soil, learn [Continue Reading…]

The Killer Hamburger Bun (Or, How Not To Get Your Point Across)


People are passionate about the shit they are passionate about. That’s cool. There are many topics that inspire crazy levels of excitement and dedication in me that other people find totally pointless and boring (“Let’s talk about succession sowing kale some more, can we, can we please?!”) On the other hand, fourteen seconds of polite conversation [Continue Reading…]

What Does Climate Change Mean For Gardeners?

Climate Change for Gardeners

A few weeks ago the smartest dude I know got a bit maudlin about how warming waters over the Arctic and methane burping forth from the melting permafrost is likely to increase the speed and effects of climate change. (Read more here and here.) This, in combination with the polar vortex in the midwest and the [Continue Reading…]

Habits, Not Resolutions. Here, Not There

New Year's 2014

It is January 1st, 2014 and I have no resolutions. Looking back at the past several years – what they were, not what I resolved them to be – 2012 was The Year That Knocked Me On My Ass, and 2013 was The Year of Recovery from 2012. And so here we are on the [Continue Reading…]

Happy Winter Celebration Thing

Happy Solstice

Today is the Winter Solstice. The long trek from one season to another has reached it’s U-curve bottom with the shortest sunlit day of the year. There is something about the solstice, and you don’t have to be a pagan or a Wiccan or a tree-hugging nature weirdo to feel it. Communities and religions and [Continue Reading…]

Digging For God


Let’s take a second and address that last giant venting post about douche-waffles before getting back to our regularly scheduled programming, shall we? First, thank you. I know I said I wasn’t looking for atta-boys, and I wasn’t. But when you shish kabob your heart onto a stick and hoist it up into the ugly [Continue Reading…]

Thoughts On Douche-Waffles Who Poop In Your Pool

And the horse you rode in on

When the USS Enterprise is in a big ol’ space battle, there comes a point where Captain Kirk, or Captain Picard or whoever is sitting in the big chair, has to “direct all power to the shields.” Everything else gets sent into reserve-power-mode: lights dim, warp speed is out of the question and the photon [Continue Reading…]

Practical v. Political: People Who Give A Damn


As many of you know, I was at the Mother Earth News Fair all this past weekend. The MEN Fair is an interesting gathering place. Walking through the big, gravel parking lot across from the Puyallup Fairgrounds where the MEN Fair is held, you pass pick-up trucks and minivans festooned with Conservatarian bumper stickers that [Continue Reading…]

All Or Nothing Is All Wrong

Screen shot 2013-05-07 at 11.12.28 AM

I admit it. I tend to have a “go big or go home” thought process. So perhaps I’ve given the wrong impression when it comes to backyard veggie gardening. Here’s a paraphrase of a conversation I had recently: Well, I’d like to have a garden but I live in the city. I have one-tenth of [Continue Reading…]

A Community Thing

Clasp Hands

Hi there. I’m Erica. Been a while, hasn’t it? Sorry about that. I have been elbows deep in my real life, for good and for bad. This blog is real enough. It’s as true as it needs to be. The stuff I write about doing, I actually do. The rants about food politics, I actually [Continue Reading…]