Labor Pains And The Harvest

As I sit here writing this, both kids just tucked in, a slew of new little boy’s toys to find a home for, and half a brightly colored, overly-sweet, train-shaped cake sitting picked over on the dining room table, it is one year to the hour since my boy was born. His was a fast labor: 90 minutes [Continue Reading…]

I Grew Some Vegetables, Now What?

Having a productive garden in August is kinda like a having a three-year-old who keeps asking, “Why, mommy? Why?!” You love them, but sometimes you wish they’d just stop and give you a minute of quiet peace. So it is. After months of work, the vegetative horn of plenty arrives in August. Crops are pumping out [Continue Reading…]

A Time And Motion Study Of Strawberries


The ol’ homestead is not yet up to growing all the strawberries my family will eat in a year. We used to have an enormous berry patch and could barely keep up on the harvest, but these days we have one main berry bed that’s situated in far too shady a spot for berries. There [Continue Reading…]