{Giveaway!} Mastering Homebrew: The Last Homebrew Book You’ll Ever Need

Mastering Homebrew Cover

There are people who just want to be told what to do, and people who want to understand the why behind things. Since you are a reader of this blog, I will assume you are in the second group. That’s where Mastering Homebrew comes in. It is, unabashedly, a book for the brewer who doesn’t just want follow instructions, [Continue Reading…]

{Giveaway} Creating A Suburban Food Forest with Michael Judd

Edible Landcaping

In today’s episode of the Grow Edible Podcast, I chat with Michael Judd, the author of Edible Landscaping with a Permaculture Twist about how to create a food forest. Michael has an interesting history; he spent his early adulthood  in rural Latin America, including living with a Mayan community in Guatemala. These experiences gave him a [Continue Reading…]

Giveaway: The Drunken Botanist (Because I Can’t Buy All Of You A Drink)

Drunken Botanist

Well, hello, you gorgeous, sweet-talking readers. I think I’d like to buy you a drink, just to say thank you for the unexpected and lovely outpouring of anti-troll support you laid on me last week. That was….wow. It was wow. Please know I appreciate it, and I have no intention of letting a few anonymous [Continue Reading…]