They Put What In My Beer?


We tend to think of the problems of our age as new problems. Take, for example, food adulteration. When you hear about children dying from melamine-tainted infant formula it’s easy to conclude that the food supply is starting to go to hell in a hand-basket. Without minimizing the seriousness of modern food supply adulteration, I’d suggest [Continue Reading…]

Homebrew Husband Hacks


Back when I was in college, I worked for a while with the support team for a big physics lab. The guys I worked with were a bunch of old Navy and Air Force radar technicians, so when the microwave in the lunch room stopped working, they didn’t go out and buy a new one. [Continue Reading…]

Raised Beds and False Economies


False economy is when you think you are saving money but you aren’t. One of the classic false economies is when you buy a lot of something (say, broccoli at Costco) for a very low per-unit price but then due to spoilage end up throwing away half of what you buy. The effective per-unit cost [Continue Reading…]

An Open Letter To The Dervaes


By Nick Strauss (Northwest Edible’s Homebrew Husband)Originally posted at The Noodlebook Well it is a mighty fine mess you have created. Yes, Dervaes family,, you have really managed to do something profound to the community you helped create. You have chosen to trademark a whole host of terms, ostensibly seeking to protect them from [Continue Reading…]

Working Off The Farm

Every day, I take the train to work (well, most days, when I don’t have a late meeting). Work, for me, involves the 7th floor of a mid-rise office building in the middle of a mid-sized corporate park that happens to be the headquarters of a mid-sized cellular telephone company. I work at a desk, [Continue Reading…]

When Is A Hobby Not Just A Hobby?

Hi, I’m the Homebrew Husband, Nick. I’ve had the good fortune to be married to Erica for coming up on ten years now, and to be her partner in this pathway towards urban homesteading and all that means for our family. She’s been kind enough to encourage me to share some of my own thoughts [Continue Reading…]