Green Your Greens: DIY Convenience Produce


Here’s the thing those plastic bags and clear clamshells of pre-washed lettuces and greens have going for them: they are super convenient. Need a salad in 25 seconds? Done. Need a handful of baby spinach to throw in an omelette? Easy. Need a mix of baby braising greens like kale and chard as a side [Continue Reading…]

Garbage Made Useful: Wire Hangers Into Garden Staples


If you or a housemate work off the farm at one of those jobs that require clean, starched shirts, you probably have a lot of dry-cleaner’s wire hangers kicking around the house. We return our wire hangers to our dry cleaners for re-use (better for the earth and helpful to the small business owners who [Continue Reading…]

Homemade Biodegradable Pots From Toilet Paper Tubes


Our household generates plenty of toilet paper rolls. We’ve switched to cloth on just about everything else, but I’m not ready to make our house a TP-free Zone just yet (sorry, No Impact Man).   I save up toilet paper rolls (by the simple means of not emptying the powder room garbage nearly as often as I should) [Continue Reading…]

Greener Living Through Wrinkles

The best thing I ever did to cut down on our use of paper products was give myself permission to have wrinkly napkins. As a carry-over from my days of consumerist glee, I own dozens of cloth napkins. I think I bought a new set of 8 or 12 in an appropriate color whenever I [Continue Reading…]