Stumbling Over Chocolate Chips: Anti-Inflammation Challenge Week 3


Well as far as anti-inflammatory living goes, this week could have been better. It started last Saturday, with a catering event for some long-time clients. Now, I don’t wan’t this to come across as braggartly, but I make really good food. As a matter of professionalism, I do have to taste the really good food to ensure it [Continue Reading…]

How Can You Tell If You Have Inflammation? Anti-Inflammation Challenge: Week 2

Anti-Inflammation Meal 4

Inflammation is your body’s natural way of healing itself when you’re injured. It’s actually a really, really good thing. If you slam your thumb in the car door your thumb will become inflamed as your body sends in the immune system to shut down any invading bacteria and begin to heal the wound. You can [Continue Reading…]

Assessing Your Health: Anti-Inflammation Challenge Week 1

Anti-Inflammation Before Photo

On February 1st, we talked about journalling our health baseline and getting our anti-inflammatory plan together. Have you done it? If not, go do yours right now and then come back, or read on to see what my Assessment looks like if you need some inspiration. Need even more motivation to do this? Just in [Continue Reading…]

February Anti-Inflammatory Diet: Day 1, Making The Plan


A few days ago I asked my readers to weigh in on what February challenge I should sponsor on this blog. Overwhelmingly, people in comments and on the Facebook page voted for an anti-inflammatory diet challenge. Those of you who wanted a debt diet, don’t worry – you’re next. Multiple bloggers, including possibly me, are planning [Continue Reading…]