The Turkey Vortex: The Next Five Days Of Your Life, In Crayon

Happy Thanksgiving, all. I’m off to go prep for dinner. Have a warm and wonderful holiday, completely free of fried-onions-in-a-can. See you next week, if I’m not sucked permanently into The Turkey Vortex.

What are your plans for the mass of leftovers the Grand National Gluttony Festival will inevitably leave you with?


  1. says

    My boyfriend wants to recreate these baked patties made by a Baltimore caterer/market stall, with turkey, stuffing and cranberry sauce. I fully support this endeavor.

  2. says

    Our favorite is Leftover Turkey Pies… Line a pie tin with stuffing to make a crust. Add a layer of mashed potatoes, evenly and up the sides, making a bowl… Add some veggies if wanted, a layer of chopped turkey, and top with giblet gravy.

    Let sit in the frig and it thickens up. Warm the whole pie, or just "slices" at a time.

    Can also be frozen for later!

    Simple and delicious! A family tradition! My kids/grands like this even more than the turkey dinner ! lol !

  3. says

    My mom is hosting, and a bunch of people canceled on her last minute… so she has a 22 pound bird to feed 9 people, 5 of whom are children. We will be eating turkey for a LONG time.

  4. Anonymous says

    Happy Thanksgiving Erica and family. Love the crayon art.

    Cook frozen mixed veggies in water for a few minutes, stir in some leftover gravy, a little leftover mashed potatoes, chunked up leftover turkey, season if needed. When bubbly, toss in a casserole, make up some thinish biscuits for a topper, pop in oven until biscuits are golden. Turkey pot pie – enjoy.

    Leftover turkey holds up in the freezer pretty well if covered with some broth from the stockpot.

    Back to the kitchen.

    brenda from arkansas

  5. Lady Banksia says

    My daughter made her fabulous sausage-and-Tuscan-bread mushroom stuffing, so we had it sauteed in a frypan this morning with eggs for an omelet-type deal… amazing!!

    Stock is in the freezer already, and the slabs-o-turkey have a conspicuous dent, so we're making progress.

    Happy post-Thanksgiving!

  6. Marrion says

    My 21-year-old son will be home from college. Between him and his even larger 18-year-old brother, there is some doubt as to whether or not there will even BE leftovers (at least for long). We should have named the boys Hoover and Bissel.

    If there is any leftover turkey, turkey enchiladas are always popular and, of course, the carcass and any other bits will be used to make broth/stock.

    Happy Thanksgiving to one and all! Love your blog, Erica.

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