Weekend Inspiration: The Joy of Potential

You can tell the gardening season is about to hit full force! The Northwest Flower and Garden Show starts in just a few days and there are so many events and classes this weekend I simply can’t list them all. Go to the calendar for your many, many options.
The juniper timbers we are using to build the retaining walls for our perennial bed should arrive Saturday. If we can get our perennial bed knocked together in one weekend, the work of transplanting raspberries, blackberries, rhubarb and asparagus will begin. It should be a busy, busy weekend. 
I’m at that gardening point when I’m always looking for space to squeeze in a bit more. Another fruit tree, another raised bed, a formal perennial area.  Which got me thinking about what it would be like to start from scratch. Oh the possibilities‚Ķ.what would you do with these? For the record, these are not my raised beds, but if they were, within a few months I’m sure I’d want 4 or 8 more!


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    Can't wait to see and hear about your perennial bed! I hadn't planned on going to the show this year as we're broke and I've got just about all I can handle in the way of gardening right now. Enjoy it if you go!

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    We'll take pictures! It's going to be 10'x18' in three tiers between our back veggie beds and our shed, with western exposure. It necessitated the removal of a random ill-pruned, seedling-grown prune tree that we inherited but I think it's worth it. I'm also unsure if I'll go to the NWF&GS. The cost + 2 young kids makes it somewhat of a hassle. But there are some great speakers doing edible-specific talks I'd like to see. Haven't decided yet I guess. :)

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    I think you'll love the trade-off. I did a similar thing for my blueberries that I have interplanted with herbs polinator-attractors and strawberries. Yous will be a nice size!!

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