Weekend Inspiration: Sunset Mag’s One Block Diet Blog

There’s some great stuff coming up this weekend. Today (Sat, Feb. 12) I highly recommend you stop into Sky Nursery from 9am โ€“ 4pm for their annual prune-a-thon. Lots of great info and demonstrations of pruning. Cass Turnbull and others will be speaking.  Check the Calendar for details and schedule.
If you’re going to be near Molbaks in Woodenville today, 21 Acres beekeeper, Grant Carr, will be answering questions about honey bees and honey cultivation from 11-12.  Note this is an informal Q&A, not a class.
Further afield, TEDx Manhatten is sponsoring a speakers forum around the topic of “Changing the Way We Eat.” You can watch the live webcast from 10:30am โ€“ 6:00pm EASTERN time on Saturday, February 12th at www.livestream.com/tedx.  That’s a 7:30 am start for those of us out here in the West, but if you’ve seen TED speakers before, you’ll agree with me that it’s probably going to be worth setting the alarm and the auto-timer on the coffee pot for this event.  Here’s the TEDx speaker lineup for this forum.
Ok, enough stuff-around-town, here’s a pretty picture to get you all fired up for cultivation! 
A couple years ago, Sunset Magazine started sponsoring a test homestead of sorts.  It’s a project they call the One Block Diet.  They have Sunset employees divided up into teams and working on various aspects of urban self-sufficiency: edible gardening, bee-keeping, chicken-keeping, beer making, cheese making, etc.  There is a dedicated One Block Diet blog that is fun to read when it’s too dark to actually garden.
I love this picture of their veggie garden (and gardener) all dolled up for a photo shoot. It’s a beautiful shot, but it’s also such a good reminder that those drool-worthy, weed-free garden photos in books and magazines are staged and primped for their moment of glory.  We who garden like to say, “I wish my garden looked like that!” when the reality is, even that garden doesn’t look like that for long.

If you need a little weekend inspiration, check out what Sunset is doing down in Northern California, and try not to get too green (with envy!) over the lemon and kumquat trees they can grow.

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    The kumquat reference made me chuckle – a mini kumquat is one of the few things we've planted in our new urban digs. Our two-year-old recently stripped it bare…but at least he tasted them before spitting them all over the ground! :)

    Also, wanted to thank you for the inspiring posts – I went from feeling sorry for myself about utter lack of gardening space (now that we're not in the PNW) to checking into community gardening. Low and behold, my area is launching a garden project, and I'm now on the ground floor to actually make it happen. Urban homesteading in SoCal here we come! (Granted, we can't have chickens, but still…no matter what, I promise to not be an Urban Homesteader Asshole.) :)

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    Wow, Natalie! Your comment just made me glow! Thank you so much for posting. Way to go not just doing what you can with what you have, but also working in your community to make edible gardening a reality for more people. That's truly great, and not at all UHA! ;) It's really rewarding for me to hear that maybe my experience is helping you, and you in turn might just help someone else. Pretty cool. Happy gardening, let me know how the kumquat et. al goes.

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