Weekend Inspiration

Just a reminder – Sky Nursery in Shoreline is hosting a free seminar today, Saturday February 5th from 11 am – 12:30 pm on Vermicomposting. Hope to see you there!
Needing a little inspiration? Check out this gorgeous urban garden in Chicago. It’s the kitchen garden in Grant Park.  Follow the link for additional pictures and an article about the park garden.

The weather forecast in my neighborhood this weekend is for high-40s, overcast and drizzly.  Do you have bare root plants to get in the ground, shrubs that need moving or perennials that need dividing?  This weekend would be a great time to tackle those projects.

If you prefer your gardening remain an indoor activity at this time of year, it’s a good idea to finalize your seed and seed potato order as soon as possible.

I’ll be back on Monday with part three of my Seed Starting series.  I’ll be talking about up-potting, hardening off and transplanting your seedlings.  Until then, I’ll be out in the garden, starting to get things ready for the big Spring push.  Happy gardening!


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