While I’m Away, Check These Out

Hi Friends,

I’ll be posting sporadically this week, if at all. It’s Spring Break: time to spend some time with the kiddos and get some solid work in on a few garden projects I’ve been needing to wrap up.

While I’m quiet, here’s some stuff I’ve been loving:

Back To Eden – an amazing film, free to watch online, about wood-chip deep mulching and the effect that has on garden fertility and gardener workload. The film is strongly evangelical Christian in tone, but as a non-religious person I was able to take my own lessons away from the film and enjoyed it tremendously.

Permies.com and Richsoil.com – the permaculture forums and essay site of Paul Wheaton, who knows way more than I do about pretty much everything (except maybe the natural childbirth experience). You don’t have to think of yourself as a “Permie” – I don’t – to get a lot out of these forums. If you do nothing else, read the Richsoil articles on hugelkultur (you may have already seen it in my post Half-Ass Hugelkultur) and chicken keeping.

Sharon Astyk’s recent article, Sweet Time,  on the head-butting that occurs between fast time and slow time. Oh, man, do I feel this in my own life. I’d prefer no commitments and no deadlines beyond those of the natural world, and yet my fast time self brings fast time habits to bear even on the garden.

See you guys next week and Happy Gardening.



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    Happy spring break – I loved that film Back to Eden and when I first saw it, had just deposited a bunch of leftover wood mulch on my veggie garden before going away on holiday. When I returned, there were no weeds, and under the now very much decomposed mulch were tons of worms.

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    You are so smart to unplug this week. The years before school starts go too fast!! Our spring break was over before we really got to do much so I’m looking forward to summer break now. Enjoy the kids and the garden!

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    We watched Back to Eden for a “hot date” the other night. We have a local tree service dumping an entire truckload of tree into our driveway today. All those close up shots of beautiful soil were compelling!

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