Your Chance to Win ‘The Urban Farm Handbook’

What better way to celebrate the new look and feel of NW Edible than with a chance to win the best new urban homesteading book on the market?

When Annette Cottrell, co-author with Joshua McNichols of The Urban Farm Handbook and author of the site Sustainable Eats, asked me if I’d like to host a giveaway of her book, I was in the middle of reading it and I jumped at the chance.

But in truth, I have mixed feelings about The Urban Farm Handbook.

It’s not that there’s anything wrong with the book. On the contrary, it’s wonderful. Annette and Joshua managed to cram planning guides, seasonal recipes, inspirational photos, beginner-to-advanced tips and techniques for all things urban homesteading into an easy-to-read sub-400 page book filled with honest and compelling prose. All this and nothing ever feels rushed or truncated. It’s quite the accomplishment.

No, my reservation about The Urban Farm Handbook is entirely and exclusively personal: this is the book I would have written, and it’s better than I could have written it. It is everything a primer on urban food self-sufficiency should be, written by two authors who know their stuff and have complementary gardening and literary styles. So it’s a little bittersweet for me, knowing I’m going to have to go back to the drawing board for ideas if I want to write my own book one day. And it’s also a little intimidating, because Annette and Joshua have set the bar pretty damn high with this work.

So you want The Urban Farm Handbook? Here’s your chance to get it for free, and signed by Annette to boot! Leave a comment below telling me what your big Urban Homesteading goal is for 2012. Entries will be accepted until Monday, January 16th at 8:oo pm Pacific Standard Time. Winner will be selected by random number drawing and announced on Tuesday, January 17th. Contest only open to residents of the U.S. – sorry international friends!

Good luck!


  1. says

    Wow, this is an awesome giveaway! Count me in! Goals for 2012? Man, let my try and narrow this down… I want to go vertical. I have many more vegetables I want to grow, and UP is the only way I will get this accomplished. Beans are something (just one thing on my UP list) that have been on my to-do list for sometime, and this is the year! I recently got a pressure canner, so My next goal will be to “put up” as much food as I can possibly stand that isn’t all pickles. Oh, did I mention that I need to keep my chickens OUT of the garden? Last year, they decimated my peppers and tomatoes. However, even with my chicken problems, and my a-hole groundhog, I was still able to get over 100 pound of produce. This year, I would like to double that. I will have to employ some animal control, namely by way of fencing… Perhaps I should make a new list for next year?

    Thanks again for this awesome giveaway!

    • Debbie N says

      My big urban farm goals (there are two) is to build a living fence for tomatoes and squash and to plant my first ever grain crop. I seem to be the fearless leader of urban farming around here so I get to try everything first :)

  2. says

    Love the new look! And what a great book to give away!!!

    Big goal – start raising chickens for eggs. Intimidated by it and husband is VERY reluctant, so the goal includes educating myself and him about how and what fun it would be!

    Second goal – get tomatoes right! Grow more, preserve more, glean more.

    Third goal – blog about it (already started, but I wouldn’t say it’s a sure thing yet). Not that I’m looking for brownie points here (but I’ll take them if you insist!) but your blog inspired me ALOT to get my experiences out there to share.

    Thanks for giveaway and great blogging!!

  3. says

    My big goal for 2012 is to actually START our garden. My husband and I, married for a year and 3 months, just bought our first home 2 months ago. We made sure to get a home with a yard not only large enough for our 3 dogs, but so we could start our love of all things fresh and colorful: gardening! We’re using this winter as a chance to read up on techniques and figure out exactly how we want to plan everything, build the beds, etc, but this book sounds like a perfect guide to what we’re trying to do! I sure hope we find some success in our first garden and are able to look at this as a learning experience (so, not to get disheartened when things don’t work out right the first time! haha because I know they sure won’t, especially moving to a new state where the climate is different from what I’m used to.) Wish us luck!

  4. says

    This is a pretty awesome giveaway Erica! I have this book on my wish list. My biggest 2012 homesteading goal is to plan my dream homestead out from chickens to fruit trees. I’ve got one year before our dream property is ours to get it all planned out so we can literally grab the keys and get to work. I’m pretty excited.

  5. says

    That looks like a great book, with loads of good info. I’d love to have it. My biggest goal for 2012 is to start keeping chickens.

  6. Michelle Egelhoff says

    My big goal is to move back to land. We had to sell our farm a few years back and are finally almost in the position to get another piece of land. I can’t wait!!

    The other goals include doing more companion planting, increase what I can, dry and smoke, make beer and start making cheese again.

  7. says

    What a great giveaway! My lofty homestead goal is to successfully maintain the tiny 2’x8′ garden plot our landscape-negligent landlord has allowed us, our first attempt beyond a couple potted tomatoes and herbs, and hopefully helping my mother in law with her first chicken harvest.

  8. Shanna Schlitz says

    Our goal is to increase vegetable production and to decide on our next livestock adventure: goats or sheep!

  9. Nick says

    Install the water/sprinkler system early enough in the year to not lose growing time. And get ripe watermelons (in Boise).

  10. Jessie says

    This year I want to double the size of my garden – right now I have 112 sq.ft. in raised beds. I plan to rearrange them and double the space as part of my 5 yr., get rid of the lawn plan. I hope to get a blackberry trellis going too!

  11. evonne says

    my gardening goal this year is to find a way to keep the goats and chickens and peacocks out of my garden… okay, i’m not an URBAN farmer.. lol.. but i still have my issues… lol

  12. Tiffy D says

    We are going to try to plant our garden more intensively this year, and build a chicken coop!

  13. says

    I would love a copy. My original goal was to get bees but now I’m thinking that I need to spend this year learning about them and get the bees next year. So, my current goal is figure out what to plant in my new greenhouse and do it. I’m also adding three new beds – two for tomatoes, peppers and heat loving veggies and one in the shade to try and grow lettuce and other greens in the summer.

  14. Tricia says

    Our 1st flock of hens are 4 months old now and we just got our 1st egg 2 days ago! This year we’re adding a vegetable garden. Will be my very first time ever trying to grow vegetables. Wish me luck! We’re also looking into some way to harvest rainwater.

  15. says

    My biggest goal this year is to be a better gardener. Well, to be more attentive. I know what to do, I just have to do it.

  16. Brenda W. says

    My goal is moving to the country this summer when my dh finishes his master’s degree. We want at least a 1/2 acre where we can have a huge garden and a few chickens. We’ve lived in a tiny duplex with no yard (but I have 2 plots at a community garden) for two years, so we are ready to gain some space. Another goal is to start composting, which I just did this weekend, building my own bin out of a 20 gal storage bin from Target. Yay!

  17. Abby says

    I really want to read this book! My urban homestead goal for 2012 is to work with what I have got, share resources and growing space with my neighbor, and share gardening with children.

  18. says

    The biggest goal for 2012 will be to help my parents start a rural homestead when they retire later this year, but for my immediate goals I want to build a window farm project in my home to see how well I can grow indoors without adding additional light.

  19. Jennifer says

    What a great giveaway! my goals for this year include doubling the number of raised beds and adding fruit to the garden. I’d also like to try my hand at preserving more from my garden and try to cut back on on the processed foods my family is eating.

  20. says

    Since we already grow most of our own veggies, our big goal this year is to plant a ‘mini-orchard’. Some trees will go in half-barrels, some in the ground, but the goal is to be completely self-sufficient when it comes to fruit and berries.

  21. says

    Since getting chickens probably isn’t going to happen this year, our big goal is to build a greenhouse, attached to the foundation of our house, using almost all rescued and recycled materials.

  22. k britton says

    My goals are to maximize the garden. Keep ontop of putting in a new crop once one has been harvested. Do enough canning and freezing so we can avoid the grocery store as much as possible. Work on my bread making skills.

  23. kimberlee says

    Last year was my first attempt at anything-self-sufficiency, a tomato garden. I am so in love with the idea of homesteading, especially having chickens to eat those nasty hornworms and not have to go to the store when I need eggs!
    My goal is going to be composting.

  24. says

    my goal is to get our aquaponics unit up and running. we already have 3 chickens and are doing some outdoor gardening, but by using aquaponics, it would allow us to grow year-round in the sun-room… and PERHAPS one day, tilapia. it is a big goal, but we already have the equipment for it and just need to put it into action. (wish us luck)

  25. says

    I have two goals:
    1)utilize my hoophouse more than I have before. There are several heat loving crops I haven’t tried yet and will this year.
    2)help my Mom start a veggie garden at her house, which has ample space and fantastic exposure.

    Love the new look for your blog!

  26. Natasha says

    I would love to get this book! My main goal is to get my yard productive this year. We moved a year ago (yay!) and last year just sort of felt things out, saw what grew (grass, quinoa) what didn’t grow (pretty much anything useful) so now I have a real plan of action. I am very excited.

  27. says

    oh, I have this book on hold at my library, but I’m 4th in line for it!! would love to have it for keeps :) Our goal for this year is to supply 100% of our fresh produce needs over the summer (if we do, it will cut our food bill by 70%!) AND have enough to put some up. This will be the first year for me to do any canning, so I’m a bit nervous, but excited! We’ve worked hard all winter hauling truckloads and truckloads of horse manure and already-composted wood chips to add to our humongous compost pile so that we’ll have enough soil for the 8 raised beds we are planning, as well as filling up the greenhouse which we finished building just a two months ago. Our biggest challenge has been keeping deer, raccoons, and our own happy chickens OUT of the garden so we’re going to add some fencing and perhaps an electric fence. Our seeds are ordered, we have four new fruit trees arriving this week, now all we need is some SUN!

  28. Brenda Nolen says

    Oh, how I would love this! We will be moving into our new-to-us house this month and the back yard (about 1/8th of an acre) is a blank canvas! It’s difficult to focus on finishing the house when I have so much planning to do in the yard!

  29. Debbie M. says

    This is a lovely giveaway. In 2012 I want to 1) try gardening in gutters and 2) plant more vegetables in hanging baskets. An experiment with pickling cucumbers was a huge success last year and I want to try other vines.

  30. Jon Culp says

    More greens and fewer chickens (underestimated the space they needed!). Strawberries and a few more blueberry bushes.

  31. Maggie says

    This is a great giveaway. We live in a rental which restricts us from really taking our garden where I want to but this year I’d like to spend more time improving the soil so I have less crops fail.

  32. Emily M says

    We moved into a new house in late summer so my original goal was to get some raised beds up and get in a small garden. Then came the deer! There is hardly any fence around our yard so my main goal for 2012 is going to be fencing and deer proofing. I think I’ll still try to get some stuff in containers on our deck and barricade them.

  33. says

    Seems like I have lived all over the US: Seattle, Orcas Island, Eugene, Dutch Harbor, Maui, San Diego, Santa Cruz, SW Colorado, Berkshires, Miami – and now Kirksville, Missouri. Why? UNDESIRABLE is affordable. In July 2011 I bought my first home. I immediately planted a privacy screen because you can take an ecological designer out of the country but you can’t get the country out of me and I feel boxed in. Next, I had a truck load of wood chips dumped and began working them into windrows and using them as compost. I planted 30+ dwarf fruit and nut trees the week it began snowing.
    Though the weather is extreme here – freezing winter, sweltering summer – and the soil is heavy clay, in 2012 I intend to practice preserving foods. I started 2 calendars, one labeled PLAN and the other ACTUAL. Integrating shiitake logs and some other odd mushrooms into the landscape is part of the plan. Culturing cheese and yoghurt, raising chickens as layers and broilers as well as rabbits for fur and meat while making the most of their droppings, taping the 20′ well and exploring cost/techniques for deepening it. This 50′ x 100′ lot has a 2/1 house where the dog, fish and I live.
    Then there’s JWPowell Studio. Mr Weemer’s wood shop in the 1930’s/40’s, a duplex until 1970, then apartment until 1981. The studio was falling down. I rebuilt the south wall and replaced sheathing and roofing. At the top of the To Do List is install rain gutters & barrels. After reading J Salatin’s, “You Can Farm” converting the building into a commercial kitchen (with root cellar in the partial basement) may be wise. Basil and melons were prolific in the first raised bed. I planted berry canes and asparagus in a second raised bed. 2012 will see the development of more beds: rhubarb and perennial herbs, plus veggie beds (greens, roots, fruits and shoots).
    Please send me the book ;)

  34. Meagan B says

    I am determined this year to fully use the land that I have- a farm with loads of property and a house with a large backyard. Different veggies and fruits are going to be grown on the two and the leftovers will be bartered for those that I don’t grow. A friend and I have created our own support network for our sustainable goals for the year- our significant others aren’t so into the idea…I also am going to be selling the excess eggs that my layers have been so generously providing- I should have done the math (30 chickens = 30+ eggs/day)!

  35. Pete says

    This year is spent converting all of the over-landscaped yard from the previous owner into productive growing space, including some woodpiles for mushroom cultivation in the shady areas. The city won’t let me keep chickens, yet (I’m bringing this to the city council), but I’ll get the hutch going for the Angora bunnies. I’d love to get a sod roof going over my asphalt shingles as well, but this is also something that needs to be cleared with the city. My hops and raspberries are going strong into this year as well!

  36. Nathan says

    My girlfriend and I have a home in coastal Humboldt County, CA. It’s a 1/4 acre property right across the street from a large elementary school. Every action we take here on our house, yard, and garden is witnessed by hundreds of children, in real time. Even our next door neighbors homeschool their kids.
    We are concerned here about our food sovereignty here and are doing what we can to build really excellent soil, harvest rain water, and grow as much food as we can, as well as produce herbal medicines to sell. Some of our projects are to build a top-bar beehive that will go on the roof, renovate the carport into a workshop that we will remodel the house from, finish a 3 bayed combination doghouse/composter/soil bin, design and implement a small food forest in the backyard incorporating espaliered fruit trees on our south facing fence, expand the laundry room into a sunroom/greenhouse, and many other things. So far projects we’ve completed are building/tiling a beautiful hearth and installing a wood stove in our living room, extending both ends of the house roofing to create storage for firewood/tools, etc, dugout a small bucket based root cellar, made our own bio-char, and made coldframes, combination composter/wormbin/planter/birdbath units that utilize the heat of the sun to reach thermophylic composting temps in a small space even in winter. And getting started on our raised vegetable beds.
    We have years of work left to do here and its all in plain view of the local youth so we are taking it seriously. We would love to have more ideas and expertise to make this happen and from what I’ve read about your book its exactly what we could use.

  37. Claudette says

    Ooo. I want a copy! I’m still pretty new at this edible garden stuff. My goals for the year are: 1) Always have something edible available in the garden, even if it’s just herbs. 2) Grow seedlings successfully — so far, the only thing I can make work is starts from the nursery. 3) Espalier my new apple trees against my fence. 4) Can vegetables from my garden (or from the farmer’s market) for the first time.

  38. Jerilee says

    My goal this year is to get some edible natives in my landscape/garden. I looking at a few Evergreen Huckleberries and some Thimbleberries right now. I remember eating the soft, red Thimbleberries as a kid walking through the woods at my Grandpa’s house.

  39. says

    What a great giveaway! Our garden goals for 2012 include finishing the new garden beds (the old beds finally rotted away), add more edibles to the landscape of our city plot, add a hoop house, and actively help others to garden more.

  40. Jenteal says

    I’d love the book. My goals are to launch the new school garden. We put in 12 beds at the end of November and i want to get the trellising and arbors in and have all the beds producing fun interesting things. Personally I want to establish some designated walk ways through my in-ground beds and get my soil up to snuff. More compost! Also, want to start planning the garden with eating in mind and produce enough to supplement a couple meals a week, year round. :-) I’m going to start tucking edibles into the front yard to take advantage of my sunniest spots.

  41. Max Morgan says

    I’m already a fairly accomplished urban farmer. My goal this year is to lobby our local City Council and have them amend their atavistic Municipal Code that currently prohibits the keeping of urban chickens. I’ve also “adopted” two neighbors who are widows and now that I am fully retired, have promised to help them start and to maintain their own edible landscapes.

  42. says

    Wow hoo, I love giveaways, specially when it comes to urban garden!
    This year I actually decided to make resolutions and to write them down just so I can stick to them.
    1) Blog about urban gardening/cooking and my experiences.
    2) Add more raised to go from amateur garden to big time gardener…I guess I got very inspired by people just like you and if you can do it, I can too! right?
    3) Add more fruit trees, I am planning on making a Belgian Fence with 9 fruit trees, it is going to be a fun project (I hope) over the next few years.
    4) Get more chicken, I started raising chicken last year (4 for now) and enjoy it very much. I want to add to the flock in order to get even more eggs and spread the love to my friends and neighbors.
    5) Learn about beekeeping, I have a great interest in adding bees to my garden within the next couple of years but want to educate myself first in order to be well prepared.
    6) Enhance my skills at cheese and yogurt making.
    7) Record my experience better and plan on crop rotation for the next year.
    8) Teach my daughter (who’s 4) about gardening…I built a special raised bed just for her where she can plant whatever she wants.
    I am looking forward to a fun 2012!

  43. j wallace says

    I have two goals for this year:
    1. Increase the calcium in the soil (by adding crushed egg-shells) so that I can get the zuchini to fruit.
    2. Increase our holdings. Our next door neighbour has offered me their back yard which they never use and I’m trying to decide what to do with it. I’m not going to add raised beds there this year (although I have them in mine) but I am planning on planting it, tending it and growing more.

  44. Cher says

    I would love a copy of this book. My goals for this 2012 are to get my strawberry patch filled in, to finally smother all of the grass on the lawn, to get my espalier in order, and do something about the bloody squirrels who are decimating my bulbs!

  45. Kailey says

    Being a college student in a dormitory, it’s hard to work on anything homesteady.
    The best I can manage is to put in a salad greens garden in my south dancing window.
    Not really Urban homesteading but I hope to get a vermicomposting program running for students to do their own composting.
    Also as soon as I get home to my little chunk of soil in Winnipeg I’ll be growing all the leafy greens I can fit and giving my compost pile some serious lovin after a year away from it. :P

  46. laura h says

    My ‘big’ goal is to keep the chickens happy and healthy as we go into our 1st year anniversary.

  47. says

    Well, next weekend I will be following my husband to a new city, leaving behind the homestead we’ve been putting together here in Portland over the past three years. So my goal for 2012 is to get settled in the new place, figure out some general climate/growing differences and get some staples in the ground ASAP! I also strive to 1. learn from my husband’s native american family and 2. be an example in a town where KFC, BK and Wal*Mart are the main food sources.

  48. Becky W says

    My husband and I hope to get laying chickens and maybe pigs this year!
    Also joining our first CSA. Looking forward to trying new foods.
    Awesome give-a-way, thank you.

  49. Heather says

    My goals are to grow enough food for my family and have some surplus for friends who don’t grow, grow and preserve some common medicinals, and learn to can. Thanks for this opportunity!

  50. Amy says

    Ooooooh yes, I want in on this! My biggest goal is to expand the garden. I’m in a rental, so that means I can’t add permanent things – chickens, greenhouses, larger gardens, but I hope to utilize the space I have and grow far more leafy vegatables and herbs. And tomatoes. Oh – did I mention zuchini and eggplants? So much to grow…..

  51. says

    My big plan is to learn how to maximize my 10×6 garden plot to help boost my harvest and to find some shade friendly crops to put in a new bed on the side of my house. Finding a source for more local flour and eggs is also top on the to do list because I’m certainly not going to be growing grains or keeping chickens any time soon. One thing at a time! I may have to go check out the Urban Farm Handbook at the library.

  52. Cate says

    I’d love to add this title to my library.
    I have to keep fighting with City Hall to allow Chickens. My biggest goal in 2012 is constructing row covers to extend our growing season in both directions.

  53. Kris K says

    I have the hugely lofty goal of starting a container herb garden and getting some tomotoes going in 2012. I tried several things last year only to have everything die in our really heavy terrible clay soil (Yes, even well amended….. even the hosta’s died a slow and painful death). I’ve got some upcycled containers and wood to help convert our beautifully sunny and animal free back yard into a producing “garden”.

  54. says

    My big plan for this year is to keep pressure on our City Council to make chickens legal this year! We have had one public meeting about it (mostly favorable) but we still have a lot of work to get it through. Closer to home, I just had soil testing done for my raised beds, and now I am dreaming of spring with my stacks of seed catalogs.

  55. Marya says

    Heck to the yes I want this book.
    My goals for the year are: to save up a year’s supply of food; to learn more of the native plants, both medicinally and as food; to keep the *&$% scrub jays off my hazelnuts (feathers are in fashion, you little winged rats!); and to have something edible growing in my garden for an entire year, starting in spring. Learning how to make soap would be a good thing, too.

  56. says

    My goal is to build a bigger coop for more chickens. I want to get better with my bees and controlling the varroa mites using natural treatments. I want to use every single piece of fruit that comes off our trees and not waste as much fruit. I also want to increase my composting.

  57. Katherine says

    This year, I will plant pasture grass in the back-most third of my 50 x 120 foot lot, creating true forage for my 30 hens. I shall! I shall! In addition, I hope to see my first sizeae berry crop, and bring three more vegetable beds into production.

    Looks like a great book! Thanks for giving us the opportunity to win a copy.

  58. Carl Masters says

    2012 will begin the third year on our small (7 acre) homestead. Our goals include expanding our raised bed gardens and growing more root vegetables, finishing the fence to hold goats, and increasing our chicken flock to 20 or so. Most of all, our goal is to ENJOY the life that so many only dream to have!

  59. Brittany P. says

    We have lots of goals this year on our homestead and are satisfied with how we met last years goals. I guess the biggest goal for me would be beginning canning this year. Last year I froze alot of the garden produce and this year I want to can it too. My first time commenting/visiting. Thanks so much for this wonderful opportunity. :o)

  60. says

    First, new blog is looking great! Second, you are going to write a book (I’m waiting for you to punch out something to speak to the Gen X’er on down crowd of young women/mother’s finding themselves embracing the idea of Radical Homemaking and needing the practical advice to do it). We love the idea but have no skills. I’m thinking a month by month guide of interior/cooking/preserving/gardening projects/to do’s. Well, I’d read it at least :)
    Homesteading goal? Setting up a new homestead in the burbs of PDX. Moving sucks. Cheers, Jenni

  61. says

    Wow, what a great give away!

    My goal this year is to take better advantage of the limited garden space we have here. I need to move plants to keep the tomatoes from overrunning the peppers, I need to move the onions so the cucumbers don’t bury them, I need to pull the summer plants quicker to get fall plants in, even though that’s so hard to do when they are still producing!

  62. Nichole says

    I would like to get all my plants in the ground for my organic garden this year, along w starting my own seeds – didn’t happen last year because of miscarr. :( Feeling better now. Also, I bought an amazing French Copper Jam Pan, I’d like to fire it up w some awesome strawberry jam.

    I would LOVE this book. Nichole

  63. Sarah says

    My goal is to plant more onions, plant my tomatoes early enough to have them ripen (ie earlier than late July *cough*lastyearlaziness*cough*, and maybe try something new I haven’t grown before.

  64. Julia B says

    I’ve been drooling over this book! Saw an article in the Seattle Times about tomatoes that mentioned this book, and I looked it up and started dreaming!
    My goals might vary this year – but I’d like to 1) learn to can/preserve 2) grow more than 10 tomatoes in PNW Maritime – ha! anything more than that will be gravy :)

  65. says

    This year, I am new to a colder, wetter climate in the Northwest and I’m trying to see what will survive in pots on the shady balcony of my apartment. Not much so far, except my lavender and my mature jalapeno plant seem to still be alive and well. However, I just reserved a plot at the local community garden and hope to get things going there real soon! Planning on starting broccoli, cauliflower, and brussels sprouts indoors this February for “spring” planting in a raised bed. If I can get the materials, I would like to experiment with row covers while they’re young transplants. As the season progresses, I will be planting more veggies such as onions, carrots, lettuces, tomatoes, and herbs. If my jalapeno plant produces as abundantly as it did last year, we will be pickling those again! They turned out so good! In the future, I hope to have a large yard for gardening again, but my dream is to own acreage with hoop-houses, a greenhouse, an aquaponics system, backyard chickens, with my own shop for crafting soap and candles, etc., and maybe even keep bees.
    Thanks! Love your blog!

  66. Jen says

    I love your blog ANd now I have a new one to investigate. We rent and have a small yard, so there is a limit to what I can do. the main goal is to teach my son the joys of gardening, that while it can be hard work & disappointing, it is well worth it. My work goal is to get my gardens to grow more efficiently, to plant more medicinal herbs, culinary herbs, edible flowers & veggies utilizing the existing garden beds, flower beds, space under & around trees and where ever I can fit them around other things, up fences etc!

  67. says

    My big goal is to tear out the stupid (non-edible) bushes at our rental and plant blueberries! The bushes are 41+ years old and those suckers won’t come willingly. It’s bushes vs. sawzall, and I’m determined to be the winner!

  68. Sarah says

    Man I want to read this book! I have been hearing so many good things about it.

    My goal for 2012 is to learn to make some basics from scratch – I am woefully inept when it comes to the kitchen – lets change that!

  69. HR says

    My goal for 2012 is to keep my chickens happy and healthy and productive…and show the naysayers how awesome city chickens are!!

  70. brittany levinson says

    My goal is to start growing food, we just relocated and I am excited to start growing our own food and “putting up” food. I would also like some chickens!

  71. Rebecca says

    Oh how fun!
    My Urban Homesteading goal is this:
    utilize the 2 4x 8 foot garden beds that I started last year and the chickens proceeded to consume the contents of….
    before doing that – build a chicken escape proof coop for my very determined escapies….
    can tomatoes and peppers from the garden – enough to last the winter…..
    those are the short term goals…there are many more long term ones.

  72. Monique says

    My big long-term goal is to operate a modern B&B complete with garden, bees and chickens; until then we rent as we save money for the deposit. That said, my big goals for 2012 are to be the most practical in what I grow and to use the little space I have as effectively as possible. Likely this means new strategies for abundant tomatoes, lots more peppers, doubling up my herbs and figuring out what I can grow in my mostly-shaded-front-yard-beds that looks pretty enough that the landlady doesn’t mind.

    It goes without saying the book would be very helpful!
    Thanks for the give-away!

  73. Nonie McDonald says

    What an awesome give-away! My urban homesteading goal for 2012 is to finally get my hive built and get my bees. To go along with that, I’m also ripping a few rose bushes out of the front yard, and planting more bee-friendly plants (lavender, oregano, thyme, Mexican sage, etc). This fall, when I make jam from the fruits of our trees, I’ll use our own honey to sweeten it, rather than store-bought!

  74. Karlin says

    This is the year I get serious with my gardening. My goal is 90% of our vegetables and 25% of our fruit (my fruit trees aren’t bearing yet). Looking around at what is happening on this planet, between extreme weather, social unrest, and population explosion, I believe that food shortages are inevitable. I want to do my part to free up the food available for those who are unable to grow their own. This book would be great to have to help me (and others) with my goal.

  75. says

    My Urban Homesteading Goal for 2012 is to START!!! I have a great piece of land with sprinklers already in place. My challenge has been HOW TO BEGIN? My desire is to grow my own herbs (i.e., rosemary, basil, oregano and maybe mint). In addition, I’d like to grow vegetables conducive to this wonderful California sunshine. A Really Good Mentor…Book…would be such a Tremendous Blessing. Thanks. M

  76. Beth says

    Wow what an awesome giveaway!! I’m so excited. My goal this year is to get started. Yep I’ve been dreaming the dream this past year and reading everything I can to get prepared and know what I am doing. This book would be a dream come true for a beginner like me.

  77. Crystal Hallem says

    My homesteading goal for 2012 is not to get stung and/or if I do to handle it with calm and grace :) We are getting BEES!

  78. says

    I would LOVE to win this book! Baby chicks are ordered and arriving mid-February. Chicken coop plans purchased and building will begin in the next month or so. We’ve also covered our next raised bed expansion area with newspaper and tarps to remove the grass (plus one old tree stump that is in our path), so we can break ground and build up 3 more 4X10 beds (currently 13 beds in production). Planning to grow year round this year too! So excited!

  79. Kienda Phillips says

    I have a few goals:
    1. To maximize/utilize my space more…last year was my first year for gardening and I didn’t plant as well as I could have for items I would actually utilize in the kitchen.
    2. To eat more from local farmers markets Spring through Fall..especially meat
    3. To learn how to dehydrate my foods.

  80. says

    As each of my household & body care products run out I’m switching over to homemade. Also My goal is to put up as much local and wildcrafted food as possible over the summer.

  81. Lizzie says

    I have to do little goals, otherwise I get too overwhelmed and stress out! So, my #1 goal for this year is to put in blueberry bushes. We have been slowly converting more and more of our urban yard from lawn to food, and the blueberries are the next addition to the backyard orchard. :)

  82. Emily says

    My goals are so small compared to many others. My biggest goal is to grow something successfully! I don’t really have a garden, but I have a yard. I hope to turn at least a little bit of it into productive space.

  83. Whitney Lundy says

    My goals for 2012 are to significantly expand our little garden, get the kids involved, and tackle some winter gardening. I’d also like to try some food preserving.

  84. says

    My goal is to finally grow a balanced garden in my shady yard. I’ve had varied amounts of success in the past two years since moving into my house and this year I really want to have a plan, follow through, and eat from my garden all year. Your blog helps so much with this!

  85. says

    Woohoo! Looks like the book I’ve been looking for! My big goal this year is to have a 3 season garden, to use my raised beds more efficiently, and to get my new flock of chickens to get along! (seriously… my one, one year old chicken from my original flock (the rest of whom were killed by a fox) is not taking to her new, teenage coopmates). Oh, and I’d really like to start canning this year. :)

  86. Prairiemom says

    My goal would be to start raising Chickens. Unfortunately my city is currently looking at changing our laws about farm animals being allowed in the city, so that is going to have to wait, at least for a while. In the mean time I am hoping to grow and preserve as much food as I can. I am going to try my hand at succession planting to try to maximize my garden space and growing season.
    I have heard many good things about this book! I would like to win it please. :-)

  87. Joanna says

    My biggest goal is to can more crops in order to buy less during the winter. Last year tomatoes were the main canning ingredient but I am hoping to get a big enough harvest of beans to make a sizable chunk. Also am planning to put more fruit into the backyard beyond just berries (plums and pears, perhaps).

  88. says

    2012 Urban Farming goals? Oh, so many, but I will just throw out the big one: obtain permission from the landlord to do a little edible landscaping (beyond the tomatoes and herbs I planted in the flower bed last year)! The book looks great and if I don’t win, I plan to order it anyway! :)

    PS Love your blog

  89. Jessica Rasmussen says

    Our goal is to grow more vertical and grow some atop our shed to increase our yield by about 1/2. More food grown by us would be great. Also increase our chickens.

  90. Meganne says

    My big goal for 2012 is just re-establishing the set up we had last year in line of vegetable production. We just moved this week and are expecting our first baby in March, so I think gardening is probably going to be a big enough project for me.