You’re Invited To A Few Really Cheap Virtual Parties!

Okay, some of you readers may not follow the going’s on over on Facebook. (I’d conclude from this that you are too busy gardening – good on ya! Facebook is such a time-sink.) Here’s what’s coming up. Feel free to virtually participate in any, all, or none of these events. I’ll be blogging about them as appropriate.

1. No Spend July

When: Friday, July 1 – Sunday, July 31
Where: Your Wallet
Why: To save money, rebalance financial priorities, and eat down the pantry a bit in expectation of the coming harvest.
RSVP: In the comments section of relevant blog posts. Or don’t, that’s cool too.

June is a bitch of a spendy month for us. We call the six days from June 19th to June 24th “Christmas in June” because we celebrate my sisters birthday, Nick’s birthday, his mom and dad’s birthdays, my grandmothers birthday and Father’s Day in that stretch. After a nice fat spending binge, it’s nice to lie on the couch of frugality for awhile until the credit coma wears off. That’s where No Spend July comes in. More info here.
2. Nosy Neighbor Virtual Homestead & Garden Tour
When: Monday, August 1
Where: The Interwebs!
Why: To see what our gardening peers are up to, without the inconvenience of actually leaving our homes.
I love, love, love looking at other people’s gardens. I find inspiration in others ideas and I find confort knowing other people have a bunch of weeding to do, too. If you want to take a few pictures of your edible garden, urban homestead, self-watering container gardens or balcony oasis, and have a way to get those photos on-line – a blog, a Photobucket or Picasa account, whatever! – you can participate in the Garden Tour! All that’s required is that you get the URL where your photos will be viewable to me before Friday, July 29th. I’ll put up links to everyone’s URL on Monday, August 1st.
3. Possible Virtual Book Club?

Nathan Coulter: A Novel (Port William)The indefatigable Harriet Fasenfest is starting a live-and-in-person Wendell Barry book club for Portlanders. Starting in late July, they are reading the first novel in the Port Williams series – Nathan Coulter. Harriet asked if other people might be interested in hosting Wendell Barry meet-ups in their hometown, but I’m thinking maybe we try it virtual style? 
What would you guys think? Interested in Wendell, interested in a book club, interested in Wendell and a book club? Let me know and if there’s enough interest I’ll shove that nice lady at the library out of my way to reserve my copy of Nathan Coulter now.
4. Vacation!

Last, but not least (for me), I’m celebrating the Birthday-rama with the in-laws for a few days at the beginning of next week. I may blog, I may not…it’s hard to say. If I’m quiet next week know that I’m wandering around an 80 acre botanical garden taking lots of pictures and I’ll be back for the beginning of No Spend Month on Friday July 1.
Have a fantastic weekend!


  1. says

    Will definitely be participating in the virtual garden tour!!! I plan on taking photos of my yard and my weeds. Definitely interested in the book club (did I mention I am studying to be a librarian?) Just tell me we are a go so I can squeeze some time in to actually read the book. Excited about all these parties!

  2. says

    Hi Erica! Hope you had fun at the Oregon Garden! Keith and I enjoyed meeting you and Nick there. Felt like we could have chatted a lot longer. :-)

    No-spend July sounds like a great idea! Our festival-of-multiple-celebratory-events comes in August, in the midst of which Keith and I will have our 25th anniversary, so a spending fast before the big event is a good plan. Think I'll (mostly) join you! Meanwhile, wandering around here in your blog garden a bit looks like it'll be interesting. Cheers! Kat

  3. Joel says

    The garden are great! I hope you put much of your time for the garden and wish for it to be possibly open this year, thanks. Putting aside Virtual Book Club, please count me in if there gonna be another garden tours, thanks.

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